Joshua Redman Group featuring Gabrielle Cavassa

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Joshua Redman Group featuring Gabrielle Cavassa Cover

Jazz Vivace proudly presents the Joshua Redman Group as part of the Summer 2024 Jazz Series. For decades, the Blue Note label has epitomized excellence in jazz, and Joshua Redman upholds this tradition. With a career spanning thirty years, Redman, as a saxophonist, composer, and bandleader, consistently pushes the boundaries of jazz while staying true to its essence. His latest album, "Where Are We," marks his debut with Blue Note and showcases his evolution as an artist. Redman's decision to collaborate with a vocalist marks a departure from his previous work. Redman explores new musical territories by playing with Gabrielle Cavassa, a rising star in the jazz scene. The album's creation was influenced by the isolating conditions of the pandemic, with virtual planning sessions shaping its unique sound. "Where Are We?" takes listeners on a journey across the USA, blending different genres and generations. Redman and Cavassa offer a fresh perspective on American music through innovative mash-ups and reinterpretations of classics. The album features renowned musicians such as drummer Brian Blade and pianist Aaron Parks, who add depth and soul to Redman's compositions. Each track on "Where Are We" reflects a different aspect of American life, from the melancholy of "After Minneapolis" to the celebration of "This Land is Your Land." Redman's lyrical saxophone and Cavassa's emotive vocals guide listeners through a landscape of beauty, longing, and introspection. Ultimately, "Where Are We?" mediates the complexities of American identity. Redman invites listeners to contemplate the country's past, present, and future through music, leaving them inspired and enriched by his artistry. Experience Joshua Redman at his finest with "Where Are We" – a testament to the enduring power of jazz. A $15 drink/food minimum is charged per person in the party, per set, if the total for beverages purchased by the party does not meet the minimum. If you do not check in by 15 minutes into the start of the set, we reserve the right to resale your seats with no refund. Refunds must be requested 24 hours before the start of the performance.